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Bad reactions?!!!



Ok, so I can't use benzoyl peroxide anymore. I used proactiv in high school for years, stopped for a few years, tried it and had horrible swelling/blistering reaction, didn't touch the stuff for about a year and a half, then tried Dan's BP which seemed to work but bad IB and then by week 2 was blistering and constantly red.

Though I had a bad, swelling, blistering reaction to BP it DID work and unclog my pores.

Before the whole regimen deal, I was using proactiv gentle formula. I believe the salicylic acid in it caused my skin to erupt (as well as changing birth control). So I quit proactiv all together and went on DKR.

Now, it seems like that whenever I used salicylic acid, I get these huge bumps on my forehead (kinda like when I used gentle proactiv) and they never come to a head. They are HUGE. Other than that I don't notice anything else.

I am getting clogged pores again. It's always the area around my nose, lips, chin, and forehead. Now, more recently I've notice something like black heads on my right cheek area :wacko:

So my question is, if there's any other alternatives to treating acne besides benzoyl peroxide, aha, salicylic acid, or antibiotics?

I've been trying the dead sea mud mask which I can feel is working and almost pulling out my clogged pores. When I don't use the mud mask, I wash with acne.org cleanser, use 5% tea tree oil, and then olay regenerist serum.

I feel discouraged, though my skin is somewhat what it used to be in highschool. It's not bad, but have tiny breakouts around my mouth. I believe largely it's because I touch my face :naughty: I'm seeing a derm soon so hopefully he will really help....without the use of these harsh medications that my body seems to always reject. I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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I'm sorry to hear that :clap: Acne is frustrating enough, and then when things don't work with your skin! Ugh. I hope you find something that works for you and your skin soon.

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