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Day 65 Update




I just wanted to quickly pop by and say that I have a little over 3 weeks left until I am done Accutane. I just took pictures of myself and compared them to before pictures and there has been a huge and wonderful difference in terms of blemishes and breakouts. It seems as if Accutane has really helped the red marks go away a lot (which my derm told me was acne in and of itself). I just never associated it with acne because they weren't pimples, just red splotches on my skin.

If I get fully clear by the end of this month that's great, if not I am totally open to doing another course because I feel like that might be the final one to put an end on everything, permanently. I think I'd stick to 40mg/day, I will not go lower than this.

I am tempted to put olive oil on my face again, however I'm just so scared of breakouts like last time.

I have started going to the gym again which I absolutely hate because now I'm very worried that the past 3 months of Accutane will go to waste if I start working out and sweating. I will be so pissed if this happens because I've come so far. I hope working out and breaking out into a sweat won't affect my improvement, there are no words to describe the frustration I have and would have over this if it happens. I don't like to say 'just wait and see' because the truth of the matter is I'd rather NOT see because all I have ever seen is acne.

That is it for me, I am in a foul mood tonight and it probably shows, so hopefully next time I am nicer.

But to anyone that is considering trying Accutane don't let my mood discourage you. This medication has given me dramatic results and it doesn't hurt to try. My monthly blood test is coming up this week and I'll be seeing my derm next week. I wish he had a better memory so that he could be as impressed with the results as I am.



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