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Day 28-Skin=Good :)



Uhhh,I feel hungover from fourth of July even though I never drank alcohol,haha. I stayed up way to late and got up way to early...but oh well,it was worth it :naughty:

I wore makeup yesterday,it didn't go on as smooth as I'd like in some places(which were dry from the Epiduo). I use a liquid and powder foundation so I have quite a bit of coverage. But yesterday,I only wore powder foundation! Aw,it feels good to not have to hide underneath globs of makeup. Trying to work towards not having to use any at all...or maybe just a teeny bit :( .

When I washed my makeup off,there were...as usual...a couple new pimples. I haven't gotten those painful under the skin pimples in a while but sure enough,I had one. :wacko: I put on a little more than normal amount of Epiduo,as I do when I feel my skin starting to flare up,and the next morning my acne was incredibly clearer! The painful pimple is now a small bump and not even inflamed. My acne is literally getting better every day. Remember my breakout from camping? Yeah that's almost gone. I get dark reddish brown scars after any pimple and Epiduo has faded almost all of the scars from my recent breakout. :D Also,since my new 'regimen',my lips have never been fuller and more moisturized. I use a combination of aloe vera and jojoba oil,you only need a little bit. Eh,well I hope I'm not forgetting anything. Ta ta for now


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