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Not sure how this thing actually works but here I go.

Well I've been suffering from acne since I was about 11-12 years old. I've tried countless topical treatments, some of them worked at only treating them temporarily. I had also tried Proactive but that left me with lots of scars and did not help at clearing my skin at all. I'm now 18 years old (female) and have acne on my back and mainly cheeks.

So I finally got an appointment with a dermatologist. Apparently he said that I have severe cystic acne but to me it doesn't look that severe or cystic at all. Oh well. Well he told me to take accutane but I only stated taking it two weeks before my schedule appointment. This was 20mg every other day. What I noticed was that my oily skin started to get less oily, the acne on my back cleared up a lot, I got lots of white heads but these cleared up within two days. Oh and also these tiny bumps all over my face but you can't see them, only feel them when I wash my face.

At my next appointment, my dermatologist told be to take 20mg of accutane every day now. So it's nearing the ending of the 3rd week and my face hasn't gotten dry, it doesn't really produce oil or at least I think it doesn't but it feels sticky and my skin is shining like crazy like if I had sweat a lot. It also has like this plastic feel to it. Anyone else experiences this? what to do? Now when I break out I get these huge inflamed cyst like bumps on my face and my skin looks darker and red. It's also red after I was it but when i wake up it looks normal

Some of the negative effects so far was just the drying and chapping of lips as well a really stiff knee. Sometimes I get trouble walking.

As for skin care I use:

Cetaphil gentle cleanser day and night,

The Differin cream sample when I get those huge zits,

A fade lotion that contains glycolic acid

Clean and Clear morning burst...I use this in the morning sometimes and at night if I feel like it but i really don't like the shiny look it gives

I know this was a lot to read but if anyone has any stories or recommendations, please feel free to comment.


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