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Report - [4, 7 11]



Bowel movement firm at first folllowed by more sloppy. No burning really.

Couple of glasses of water.

Small piece of ginger.


Raw carrot.

Small pinch of Vit C

Massive piece of cake - gluten free flour, butter, beef dripping, apple, ginger, sugar [white cane sugar + light brown cane sugar]

3 rice cakes [may contain a trace of gluten]

Some burbing - not bad though - unsure whether i had lower intestine bloating or not - abbs might be sore - hard to tell - no heartburn whatsoever anyway.

Allergy symptoms as bad as they have ever been - Nose running like a tap - severe sneazing - ultra itchy mouth

- i must question whether this is actually a cold or not - dont really feal ill though.


Some very mild acid reflux while running - only once and not bad at all - probably totally insignificant

Raw carrot

Greens, sweet potato, carrot, butter, salt, pepper.

Pinch of Vit C

65% beef / 35% pork Mince, red onion, sweetcorn, beef dripping, salt, pepper, herbs.

Some farting but no indegestion - no burbing or bloating or heartburn.

Allergy/Cold seemed to improve after running - ws.


Much better.

One small whitehead just below nose - might be related to constant nose running.

Some small whiteheads on forehead - no pianfully ones though.

Some dying spots in sideburns and scalp

Some new spot in scalp as well though.


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