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An Extra Hole



So I recently got my nose pierced.

It makes it difficult to do my routine sometimes, but I think I've got the hang of it.

I have to use this spray about 3 times a day (though I haven't really made it priority lately. shame on me) it's called H2Ocean and it's a starile saline spray packed with enzymes and stuff. I spray it on my nose and I think it might me breaking me out. I've noticed a couple zits poppin up on my right side, which is where I have to spray..

Is that possible? Does it really break you out?

I don't think it matters, my skin's getting used to it because I'm not seeing too many anymore.

Anyhoo, an update on my acne, I do realize that being on birth control has really cleared me up in companionship with the Regimen. I was off the pill an extra week because I didn't get the prescription filled in time so I broke out a bit.. All is well, though. I'm back on track.

I'm in search for a cheap, non-comedogenic, gentle scar treatment for sensitive skin. Any recommendations? I have a few acne scars mostly on the sides of my face, they're red but not indented. I can count maybe one or two icepick scars.. But I'd like to treat those.

That's all, folks.

hey, watch my success story from acne.org!



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