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Me and my Acne



im 16 and ive had mild/moderate acne for about 3 years. Ive tried everything from proactive and anything in between. I have "rosacea" somewhat on my nose but its a very slight case. It gets red randomly and periodicly and is always redder than my actual skin tone. My acne is on mainly in my t-zone but mostly on my chin.So i just read all The Regimen stuff and im planning to start the first day tommorow and practice all the steps tonight. Ill have to be a little more committed considering i only wash my face at night. Im not a morning person what-so-ever so this is gonna be hard. I recently read something about dairy and your gylcemic load effecting acne so im trying to cut down on those. Mainly dairy though because i like bread to much. So that new diet think has been really recent and i havent noticed any real change from it.

Last night i put on a yogurt mask and a egg white mask..2 masks in one night...i know im obsessive over my acne(so my mom says). This morning my acne seemed to clear slightly(i dont know how long this will last though). My routine is at night i get in the shower and exfoliate using any kind of acne wash stuff then wash my back using the same stuff and exfoliating. I forgot to mention i have a light case of back acne that used to be pretty bad but as i started taking care of it slowly got better. It seems like most of the back acne was just scarring and my back got tanned and it seemed to fade(now hopefully it stays like that). So anyways back to my routine, so after i get out of the shower i pat my face dry and then i use some face toner with a cottonball and let that dry then i put some moisturizer on and usually some spot treatment or something on the pimples.

I have a feeling the reason i have a acne is the constant irritation im using on my skin and the exfoliating. Probably also the infrequency of taking care of my face. So heres to a new start tommorow.


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