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Week One - My Acne History



So here I am again on Accutane after 7 years of extremely clear skin. It started in April of this year one or two deep pimples and by June I had a face full of spots and was on Diane 35, Minocycline, Vitamin A acid 0.5% with no improvement in sight.

My History

I am a 33 year old female with persistent hormonal acne since the age of 19. My first course of Accutane was in 1996 - 1997 for seven months - it was the horrible experience but my skin cleared. My acne was so bad I had suffered a major depressive episode which no doubt improved with the clearing of my skin.

I stayed clear until 2004, the doctor started me on Diane 35 and I took another round of Accutane for 5 months. In all honesty, my acne was not as bad as it was in 1997 but it was persistent and resistant to topicals and antibiotics.

The second course of Accutane was successful - in combination with Diane 35 for five years, off the pill for 2 years my skin was extremely clear - people would constantly comment on how beautiful my skin was. I had thought I had grown out of having acne and I thanked God constantly.

Until April of 2011, slowly, slowly the deep pimples started to surface again and they are so stubborn. I live right beside my dermatologist and he extracts and injects all my pimples to prevent scarring. I swear between April and July of this year I have spent $1000 on doctors appointments, medications and treatments. With no improvement - I knew as did my doctor - seven years had passed and it was time for Accutane once again.

I was resistant - as anyone who has been on Accutane they know it is a powerful drug that is tough on the body, mind and soul. But I can't bear having acne and I cannot risk the scarring and depression that comes with it. Being overwhelmed by your acne is not vanity it is simply the wish that you could just be a "normal" clear skinned person.

So I decided to keep a Accutane journal to help those suffering, to keep track of my progress and to encourage those hesitant to try the treatment - to do so. It has single handily changed my life - two times now and God willing for a third time.


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