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Day 2



Morning world!!!! Today it's been 3 sessions of the regime, one morning, one night, and another morning fun time of gentle wash/BP/moisturizer. Last night my face was feeling much too dry, so I eventually went for a round 2 of moisturizer. This morning, however, my face was not feeling as bad as previous nights. For a moment I even forgot I had these awful things on my face, not even kidding! (which is a good thing I dare say). I woke up after being in denial for 10 min, went to the shower did the wash etc etc and then when I applied the BP I could feel one side of my face (the least affected one) already FELT better to touch. YAY.Right side is still the worse one of both because thats where the whole show started, but I mean it isn't getting any worse, so no worsening = improving imho. Today is also my first day out in the sunlight since Wednesday night (when I first got sick). So today after putting the regular moisturizer (I use Neutrogena for mixed skin and another one w SPF 15, both non-oily) I will also put another layer of SPF. Not that I'm planning on subathing but I do need to get groceries and run a bunch of errands.. so yeah, I might not update until tomorrow or so because I get to pick up my bf from the airport wooo, so bear with me.

Alright, so far it's looking good and the pain/itchyness of before is going DOWNNNNN like darth vader falling into darkness....oh wait i guess he's been there for a while. meh.

over and out ~


Haha, love the Darth Vader reference. I just read your blog entries and your progress so far and we ALL definitely get discouraged a lot having acne and especially when new breakouts form.. it's just so upsetting to know how hard we all try to get rid of it. In any case, though, it's that we all continue to try without giving up, that I personally think matters the most.. and all through trial and error.. finding what works best for our skin types and what our skin can handle. BP is really powerful, sometimes overly powerful and can be too much for our skin... so it's best to start slow on it.. and I know you said you've used BP before and really liked it.. so that's a plus! Good luck to you and if you have any questions that I might be able to answer, I'd love to give you my opinions on it.. (I'm coming up to a month in a few days of being on the DK Regimen.. exciting!) Also, you should know that for a lot of people, DK's moisturizer doesn't completely help with the drying (and soon flaking of the skin).. if that happens within a week and a half to two weeks of being on the Regimen, do not stress! It does subside and get better!Good luck, again! :clap:

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