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Day 38



I picked 2 spots slightly over the weekend, I actually really didn't want to! But I had to go out and these were the really obvious sticky outy, massive white head types & I seriously couldn't leave the house like that! One of them was on my chin and has since just dried up and scabbed over and the other one was just under my nose - this one has reappeared as a whitehead though.

Aside from this under the nose whitey I only have two smallish and unobvious whiteheads so not too bad, I do have some scabs from dried up spots though which will hopefully drop off soon!

At present my forehead is clear - just faint red marks but not very obvious.

Left cheek - clear of acne but a few visible red marks

Chin - no spots, one insignificant scab and slight PIH on either side (although this doesn't seem to last as long on my chin for some reason)

Right cheek - bad PIH, about 4 scabs and 2 visible white heads (my problem area!)

I was looking back through some old pictures yesterday & got sooooo down as there were pics of me first thing in the morning with no makeup on and my face was clear :wacko: made me upset that I took it for granted and I soooo want to be that carefree girl again who didn't feel the need to hide behind all this makeup.


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