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Night 1 of Regime



officially completed my first day...yay!!! Felt like forever to wait for the night wash/BP/moisturizing action to come. i couldnt go out all day because my skin is still irritated from before and i know sun is the last thing i need. definitely the worst part of this is the burning after the moisturizer, and also the wait. definitely had another low point today trying to understand why my reaction to the past treatment occurred THIS particular weekend....but oh wells, i do feel like the texture of the "clusters" is getting better, at least not any worse, and really hope it controls my current issues and get reduction later during the week/next week. but anyways, ive started and that was the hardest part (thus far). i;m very excited for the regime, truly hope i can master it soon so the routine becomes more natural and don't have to use a stopwatch to make sure im not going to fast in the treatment and moisture phases. i also think i might need more moisturizer....skin was soooo dry this time.

hope other people are remaining positive! i sure know its hard to do.

over and out ~