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Day 2



Day 2

We went out to Cracker Barrel today so I was planning on how to use my make up without causing a huge breakout. My skin felt raw this morning so I opted to was with my Acne Free facial wash and skimp on the BP because it leaves some residue on my skin. Putting foundation over that was just asking for breakouts. Because I had a huge, red, jaw-dropping acne and the expected redness from washing, I decided to put on some hydrocortisone over it to calm it down. I've read a lot of articles suggesting this technique. Just put a glob on a beating zit before you go to bed and the next day it should be flat or at least calmer. Because my decision to put on foundation was spur of the moment, I didn't really have the whole 8 hours for it to take effect. I spread it over the red area and waited until it was at least partially absorbed. I wiped off the excess stuff and put on a liquid foundation. It covered up well.

When I came home I played on the computer for hours before I decided to wash my make up off with the cleanser. I put on some BP, resumed playing, skipped the moisturizer, and put AHA all over. It stung but I left it alone. Just put a little moisturizer on my tender parts such as my nose and my lips.