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Starting the Regimen



My acne is not just cause by bacteria or dirt, genetics are also to blame for this disaster. For so long, just like everybody else, I have tried so many products. Now, I have my hands on some Benezoxyl Peroxide (BP). I would say that I have tried to be on retinol or roaccutane except I haven't. I never had that much to spend nor the courage to go on something that sounds so—scientific? But, this BP regimen sounds promising enough. I've heard of benzoxyl peroxide on a lot of the facial washes that I've owned as well as on acne systems. That's why it doesn't sound as intimidating to me. On this, I will record my observations from day one and my habits/adjustments along the way.

Day 1

Well my face is definitely red. Not terribly so though. It's itchy but my mom had already commented on the state of my skin. She said it looks like it's working and I agree with her. My ex-boyfriend/close friend who has never (ever) seen me without make up surprised me at my house this morning with donuts. We had a big argument yesterday so he decided to make it up to me. I had no idea that he was coming so I haven't showered/cleaned/brushed my teeth... You get my point. So, he didn't really seemed to mind it even if I'm always dolled up around him.

Of course I wasn't breaking out too bad but it was obvious enough. He even tried to joke about it and poke it, to which I replied, "that didn't make me feel sexy." Which he seemed to apologize with actually trying to kiss my cheek. Anyway, I didn't feel as terrible as I would normally if I didn't have make up on. I've been using that AHA+ stuff too and it really tingles just like the BP.

I just got my initial break out which I almost picked at but caught myself.


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