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Day 1 of the Regime



Hello Community! Like most of you, I stumbled into this website during a moment of great desperation and to a point almost depression. Though having issues with skin has been a curse since I was 14, now 7 years later I have gone through a myriad of stages of the never ending man-vs-acne battle (or dudette-vs-acne battle, no gender discrimination here!).

When it started it was BAD, and given as I was innately a very unpopular/misfit at school, you could imagine the devastating consequences this had on my self esteem...it still does to this day. So eventually at 16/17 I saw a dermatologist who prescribed me a face wash (Avene), some pads to remove excess oils (maybe salicylic acid?) and..guess what? BP!! and moisturizer of course. So I did this for about a year and it was amazing, it made me look great by my senior year, so yay (though I always was and remain to be a misfit woo). But then university started, and though my skin was still looking great, the stresses of my program were too much and eventually my skin broke out again, though nothing terrible. So I kept washing my face, using the BP on the affected areas (in small quantities, nothing like the Regime), seemed under control.

And then, at 19, birth control came along (oh yea, btw, i'm a girl ^^) and it was GLORIOUS! Perfect skin (like when I was 17), plus all the lovely side effects of avoiding pregnancy were nice too. So it was great, except for the fact that my family was VERY against this. We're mexican, but I'm in Uni in Canada, so for them this concept of BCP was awful. My mother eventually made me quit for a bit while I spent a summer back home. And who would've guessed, terrible skin came along!!!! It was as bad as when I was 14 (except I think that once you get clear skin and then you lose it it's even worse because you KNOW that you could be looking great). So depression hit again, well i'ts probably not clinical depression, but it felt bad. Also, my life wasn't getting any stress free. I'm taking engineering which is allegedly one of the most stressing programs to be in, and I was about to graduate, and I started dating the most wonderful man in the world and then this happens...ARGHHHHHH Also I should mention I eat super healthy (no I'm not a vegan), work out often (helps relieve stress) have supporting friends around me, and dont smoke and recently been trying to quit drinking completely. So I wondered why is it so hard for a healthy, good intentioned person to get clear skin??? And why is it that dropping BCP is as if you were encouraging acne to come back like orcs in the battle of Helm's Deep?????????? Anyways, it did, so if you're on BCP good for you but make sure you are doing something for your skin NOW before you go off, because we all eventually need to.

Alas, throughout last year (my 4th year in Uni) I was trying so hard to eat healthier, I kept washing my face often, used makeup only when I had to (like big bday parties), used mud masks (really nice btw), and for the entire year I would go from minor breakouts and almost perfect skin to more and more breakouts, then the cycle repeated. ON AND OFF. this is incredibly annoying. I'm sure many of you know the feeling of "yay it's finally leaving, I DID it!!! I'm Freeeee----oh no, wait whats that painful little bump on my cheek?...oh damn ¬¬". fooled ya! thats such a low move Mr. or Mrs. Bacteria. So then my parents sent me this natural (as in its extracted purely from a tree and its made 100% chemical free) topical treatment, which seemed to work wonders on my brother (he was just finishing his teens so had some of that puberty acne goodness) and that was doing o.k. with me. I mean yes I felt it react with my skin, and it did remove things, but it took forever. And recently, as in 2-3 days ago, while I had it on I suddenly got a cold and next day my face is awful! I had (still have I guess) breakouts that were multiplying and redness and even these weird cluster thing formed all around it (probably cus my skin got too irritated). So i dont know if I am allergic to this thing, if I used too much, if it's 'cause I am sick, but either way it's BAD, it HURTSSSS, and it ITCHES. Did I mention my boyfriend gets back tomorrow from our 2 month summer apart and I look like this?! URGH. So yes in desperation I googled around and bumped into Dan's Regime. After reading it a million times, and thinking it through, it made sense. It makes sense that you're just trying to kill bacteria, reduce irritation from contact, and moisturize. I am terrified of going to a Dermatologist here in Canada 'cause most of them (there's 2 in my city) just refer you to laser treatments, and I don't want to do that! BP is something I have used before, it worked, but never did it in this amount. So I'm giving the Regime a shot.

I started this morning with the wash, BP, moisturizeer, all as gentle as I could. It's weird to touch my face like that cause I can feel the bumps and acne and irritation, but it has to begin somewhere right? So I will update later on the week to see if its improving, which I think it will.

Over and out fellas!


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