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Report - [3, 7, 11]



Didn't have bowel movement in morning - in afternoon instead.

- Extreme sloppiness - warm and burning - very nasty.

Had allergy type symptoms through out morning - runny nose - itchines in nose and mouth etc.

Had severe gas through out night and morning - nasty smelly farts.

kept needing to piss a lot again - like i had taken diuretics - fucking weird.

Raw carrot


4 scrambled eggs, butter, salt, pepper

Continued to fart

2 pieces of cellery

Sweet potaotes, sweetcorn, butter, salt.

Erythromelalgia - feet burned as bad as they ever have - not just temperature related either

Pinch of Vit C

White rice, 65% beef - 35% pork mince, red onion, carrot, broccoli, 1.5 eggs, beef dripping, salt, pepper, herbs.

No indigestion - no heartburn - some minor farting - nothing serious though - very weird.

Allergy symptoms - runny nose as bad as ever

Some sneazing as well

Pinch of Vit C

Large piece of cake - gluten free flour, butter, beef dripping, apple, ginger, sugar [white cane sugar + light brown cane sugar]

Seemed to handle it fine digestion wise

Burning feet not to bad

Slept quite well - feet quite good - fan was on though


Much worse - might be related to Jellybelly disaster or weekend - very little sleep.

Back and chest still good - back pretty much clear of new spots - only old stubben red marks

Chest still has some dieing spots but no new ones.

Couple of spots on neck.

Couple of white heads between eyebrows - one from me messing around with a blackhead.

New painful spots in scalp/head.

Keep getting pre spot pain that comes to nothing and red spots that aren't painful and only seem to last half a day or so - WEIRD


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