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The beginning - Henna's story



Hello everyone!

I'm starting a blog in order to keep track of my acne; I hope this will be interesting for others to take a look at as well.

How it all began for me....

My name's Henna - I'll be 20 years old later this year and I've been suffering from acne & bacne for almost 5 years now. My skin has gradually become worse, although I've had times when my facial acne has reduced to almost zero. I've been through many different regimens: antibiotics, BP cream, water only regimen, salisylic acid peel done by a doctor, etc.... The only thing that has helped me somewhat is BP cream but because it gives my skin an incredibly red skintone as well as dries it so badly these days I only use it as a spot treatment.

Because I've been suffering from acne for so many years I've been left with huge pores, blackheads and bad PIH. I occasionally get pimples these days, too, but luckily not so much anymore.

What's my current regimen?

Currently I'm using Dan's AHA+ on a daily basis: I use a fair amount of it on my face & shoulders every night. So far (after a month's usage) the results have been quite good: my skin is smoother, softer, less oily and some of the fine lines that BP created are now gone. The only problem area right now is my mouth area, which is covered with pimples as well as red marks from already vanished pimples.

I also use another AHA product - it's a face wash product called Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam and it's by a South Korean beauty company called Etude House. I've been using this product for more than 3 months now. The results with this AHA face wash have been nothing miraculous but it has definitely helped me get rid of my pimples faster. I'm using it on a daily basis, usually in the mornings.

BP cream is, like I mentioned, my current spot treatment: it helps to heal the new pimples a bit more efficiently.

Also, I take zinc suppliments as well as one antiobiotic (yes, I still consume antibiotics - I will stop using them though once this prescription gets old) per day. Plus I drink a glass of water with a tea spoon of turmeric in it - I'm doing that because I like the taste (haha) and I also want to see if turmeric helps me with my acne / health in general.

I have tried to keep track of this whole AHA+ process a bit, been writing something about my skin from time to time. I will use this blog to update myself as well as others on how I am doing with my skin. This is the progress with AHA+ so far...

Experimenting with AHA+ - The Progress so far:

27th May, 2011 - DAN'S AHA+ START - my skin was relatively OK at that period; I had been using an AHA face wash for two months, it had improved my skin already a bit, removing most of my pimples for example; I was left with a dozen or so whiteheads around my mouth area, though. I still continue using this face wash, but only in the mornings.

2nd June, 2011 - Dan's AHA+ DAY 7 - Softer skin, going through possible purging period (some new pimples, whiteheads in the chin area have faded little)

6th June, 2011 - Dan's AHA+ DAY 11 - New white heads & a few cysts around my mouth area, sucks. The oiliness of my face isn't that bad, though.

12th June, 2011 - Dan's AHA+ DAY 17 - The pimples that arose a week or so ago have started to subside. Only two new ones. Skin tone still red.

20th June, 2011 - Dan's AHA+ DAY 25 - Small red pimples still emerge almost daily; sometimes they are painful. Less whiteheads, though. Plus my skin is really smooth and less oily.

2nd July, 2011 (today) - Dan's AHA+ DAY 38 - The red pimples around my mouth area have started to go away. I no longer consume fish oil suppliments (I think fish oil was causing me this jawline/mouth area acne!), which seems to have helped (only one pimple has appeared since I stopped eating fish oil pills, which was a few days ago already; usually I got at least one or two pimples / day!). A few of my blackheads have turned into very tiny pimples but otherwise I feel like my skin is taking a direction for the better. We'll see.

Anyhow, this is how my AHA+ experience has been so far. I'll try to update my blog every now and then and see if there's any development! I'll make sure to post pictures of myself as well some day (:


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