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Starting a Journey



So, I'm 12 (i know young age to be partcicpating in blogs[im going into 8th grade])

But I guess that not important really.

So, through 7th grade, I had very nice skin. Like any other kid, I got theo ccasional pimple. This last month, the story has completely changed.

All fo the sudden, I have acne. Like 27 zits in counting. And it wasnt this bad at the start of summer, but I kept piling on chemcials, and it made it worse. Ironic, huh? :naughty:

And today Ive decided to let go. Just not putting anything on my face, except (washing with Noxzema and a mousturizer) And, its only been around 7 hours, and I already feel like my face has improved. Crazy, I know. :D

I guess my face was so irritated form all these harsh chemicals that giving it a break was a god send. Its already less red and irritated.

My point is, aside from sharing my personal acne journey, is that letting go is great.

Our skin wasnt designed to have Benzoyl Peroxide on it, or Neutrogena alchohol.

And we werent made to have Accutane in our bodies. Your skin knows what its doing with its self

(Now In extreme cases, when these methods are neccesary [Retin-A, Differin] a prescribed, thats understood)

But try to opt for natrual cures.

Sometimes you just need to splash water on your face, and spend a day (im doing a week) without anything at all on your face. Your skin will thank you.

This summer, Im starting an acne journey from within. finding natrual cures.

When they say diet DOESNT affect acne, theyre SO wrong. Acne is due in great parts to genetics, and hormones. :wacko:

So after countless hours of research, I decided to go natrual.

My first attack is diet.

Im starting small, but I'm going to attempt to eliminate dairy from my food.

Dairy, expecially with todays disgusting food processing, is literally hormones. Cows milk is meant, by nature, to nurtutre baby calves. Nasty, right? :(

So were putting hormones in our body. And what do hormones do? ACNE.

Another thing Im going to try to do is elmiinate as mcuh gluten as possible. My blood type does not agree with it.

Ill keep you guys updated on anymore things I find. But doing the natrual route willbenefit in the long run.

( ill get into more details later)

But anothoer thing is letting go.

You know how they say stress causes acne? In some ways i beleive thats true.

youre not hleping by freaking out about it. It doesnt help. So, just try to let go.

I know, easier said than done. ALOT easier.

But if you forget about that pimple, and dont bother it or nuke it with chemicals, its most liekly gonna be gone b4 you know it. :(

So stop nuking your skin! We werent intended to have all these unnatrual chemicals on our face. Your body knows how to deal with itself.

So Id appreciate if youd join me in this journey to clear skin, and contribute to the natrual acne solution. Thanks and remeber you ARE beautiful.


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