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hi guys



hi guys so my name is Savannah i am a model and i am 17 years old=]

i just joined acne.org today!! :( sooooooo where to start i have had acne since i was in 8th grade .. well more like clogged pores which were nothing really, then 9th grade i started getting SOME pimples but not much 10th grade i had not much but 11th grade with so much stress modeling and school and all i broke out and nothing helped! im actually now on month 3 of accutane nearing month 4 but i will sum up what months 1, 2, and 3 have been like!

MONTH 1: ok sooooo month 1 was prettyyyyy brutal all you lot! :dance: and im not joking around i had a pretty bad initial breakout within... about 2 weeks of accutane i meazn my face was covered and itchy and. oily!!! :naughty: my teacher even brought up that i looked "less attractive uneed to wash your face"what an wanker!

anywho! the end of month 1 i was clear shockingly with red marks fading

MONTH 2: well month 2 i was clear till the middle then i got another couple breakouts which left redmarks and a cyst in between my eyes of all places it choose to be there :(

but the cyst want away within a week with no sign of scaring or redmark *whhheeewwww*


by the end of month 2 i had only 3 active little pustuals on my cheek 1 on the right 2 on the left

MONTH 3: well my derm raised my dose from 40 mg to 60 mg and i got a SLIGHT initial break ut about 3 tiny pimples which healed.. and the cyst in between my eyes came back but went away fast but i still hated it! :( but whatever now there gone and im happy

well let me tell you i think it is ssssooooooo important to drink LOTS OF WATER im in love with water now it makes me have less aches and feel less tired :wacko: umm severe dry lips but nothing my carmex cant handle :D and also be sure to moisturize<3

i have had alot of bloody noses tho and thats very upsetting!!!!

also red face i looked flushed :(

im starting month 4 soon!!!!!!!!! comment me bye everyone God bless


hia everyone! soooooo i just want to ask how all you r doing wether you r on accutane or not so comment me if u need support or have questions

bye all

God bless :dance::(


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