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everthing up to now...



I've had a bad skin since I was 13. At first I suffered from it, but then I accepted it as fact after peroxide and other topicals didn't work. After secondary school (2000) I had accutane for about a year (stopped due to extreme depression) but then my skin was fine for a while, with a occasional break out, but nothing really serious.

In 2004 after using antibiotics for an infection - and a long period of working at night and eating very poorly (plus being a vegetarian) - it got worse and my physician prescribed minocycline. This worked using a high dosage, but lower did not at all and was even counter-effective. I used it way too long however, which may have caused some extreme intestinal imbalance. I also stopped eating deary - as this was the alleged cause according to many - tried al kinds of topical treatments (vichy etc.), did a candida regimen, stopped drinking coffee, exercised etc. but no decent results. And a that point it really started making me feel horrible, impure and misanthropic - not just for looking like this (it's just moderate acne) but being powerless against it, even when I lived in such a healthy way that would have made look anyone else in top shape.

I live in a creative environment as a musician and artist and probably due to my alternative appearance and perhaps even extravagant way of just 'being myself' I have never had problems socially or in finding girlfriends - even though my skin is scarred, I'm not an exceptionally attractive guy and I have occasional misanthropic mood swings during sleepless periods with break outs.

In 2007 I started using zinc, only to find out in 2010 that it worked better taking it away from meals. At this point I was almost acne free, but... at the end of 2010 I got an intestinal infection for which I had to take heavy medication and this aggravated the acne again, draining my energy and even after stopping these meds I continued to be like this - even worsening the last few weeks getting pimples where I haven't had them for years, mainly cystic...

... until I read asn6's post on niacine (inositol hexa) a week ago (23-06-11). I started taking 500 mg a day and since then my acne has grown less severe (less cystic, and if so smaller and less inflamated) and especially my skin looks better - it's less fat (nose) and smoother. I will try to post on my progress as much as possible....