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Day 176- On Accutane



I started to take my new vitamin pills for my low Vitamin D diffiency....Good news is I only have to take one pill once a week for 12 weeks and that's soppose to fix me right up. :wacko:

I know that having low vitamin d is not a direct side effect of accutane but if you really think about it can be....The reason why I am so low is because I have not gone out in the sun...Vitamin D is absorbed through your skin when you receive sun light. And since I have been on accutane for 6 months and not have received any sun, that explains why my vitamin D is so low....

I also opened my last pack of accutane pills... I will officially be done by next week...I don't even know how I am going to feel when I don't have to take my pill in the morning and at night....Seems so strange....Everyone that I tell that I am on accutane says they can't believe it..."My skin looks great"....If they only knew how bad it was....

I guess is the same thing when someone looses a lot of weight and people can't believe that they were overweight because they are skinny now...

Anywayz...I hope everyone has a greay 4th of July...



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