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day 4. wtf, face.



BAH. SO annoyed.

Okay, day 4. So far, I'm not too dry or anything, though I've been pretty careful with Aquaphor so as to prevent it just a little. But my face is insane! And I broke out like crazy all along where I got my eyebrows waxed the other day. Not sure if it's an effect of the Accutane but I'm annoyed. And tonight, I went out with my friends and after one beer, I swear I felt my cysts like throbbing! They hurt so badly, and I wasn't even touching them. They were legitimately throbbing and were warm to the touch. WTF.

Accutane better start working because this is getting bad. I was hoping to get a bartending job when I move back to school here in a month but apparently I'm going to have the worst acne ever. I'm telling you, these nodules and cysts are sooo soo swollen. My face is painful -- I can't even smile fully! Even talking hurts. Not freakin' cool. Oh yeah, and every time I wash my face...every single time. There are whiteheads appearing on my nodular spots along my jawline. What? Like I wouldn't pop them per se - it hurts too much! - but it's like they wipe ff when I dry my face. I don't get it. Ugh I'm sick of the sulfur treatments, masks, spot treatments, benzoyl peroxide and other things I can't pronounce. Ready for clear skin.


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