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Gluten and Fructose Malabsorption update.



Gluten and Fructose Malabsorption update.

Seeing as i have now been completely Gluten free for 2 MONTHS i think it's time for an assessment/update.

I haven't really noticed a single significant benefit, infact i may have developed a negative effect.

I have noticed no change with my skin really, it is better than it was before i started goign gluten free, epseically during the Xmas period, but i'm not fully clear and my diet is actually imporved generally with less fructose and general junk anyway.

I am close to coming to the conclusion that GLuten isn't a problem for me and continuing being Gluten free may be unnecessary.

I am close to removing Gluten from a list of Suspects.

The negative side affect i have noticed is a development of mild allergic nasal type symptoms. Since goign Gluten free i have developed what seems like mild Hay fever, but i'm almost certain it isn't because it isn't affected by going putside or by being in field etc, in fact it seems beter outside so maybe could be a reaction to some kind of mold inside etc.

What may be significant is that my going Gluten free coincided with me coming out of a particular bad spell of gastroenteritis.

Therefor it may well be a side effect of the gastroenteritis rather than going gluten free per se.

After the gastroenteritis/going Gluten free i noticed very Weird Shit [literally] as my bowell movements completely changed. They went from the regular loose "Sloppy Joes" type to being firm and coming out without requiring whiping. But this only lasted 3 weeks before going back to the SLoppy Joe type.

This makesme think now that Gluten had nothing to do with it.

Possible Factors for Weird Shit [bowell movement changes]

- Bowell movement changes coincided with ceasing of gastroenteritis. So maybe just a side effect of that.

-For 2 weeks consumed a large amount of yogurt [probiotics] - Firm bowell movements ceased a few days after stopping yogurt consumption.

- Started consuming lemon juice in morning a few days before bowell changes.

- Had some Vit B12 tablets [containing Sorbitol and mannitol] a few days before BM changes.

- Something related to Gluten.

- Something else completely.

Fructose Malabsorption

I talked myself into having Fructose Malabsorption, for one reason and another, but then started to doubt this "diagnosis" a few weeks ago because of no real benefits being noticed.

What is weird is that since i started to eat more Fruit and veg i have started to notice a significant increase in gas production. I have started to fart a lot more.

I haven't noticed any real negative effect to my skin though.

So this leads me to question if there is any connection between gas production in the GI and whether there is actually any link between Gas and aCne itself.

I don't actually know what part of the fruit and veg is casuing the gas production and whether it is actually negative at all [physiologically anyway].

I presume it's caused by the bacteria in my gut, whether good or bad, "feeding" on some part of the fruit or veg.

So many possible factors.

Once again the gastroenteritis may play a possible factor and whatever degree it depleted my Intestinal bacteria.

I need to look into Fructose Malabsortbion more.

For the time being i exploring Histamine Intolerance anyway so i am only eating apples and some veg.



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