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Report - [30, 6, 11]



Bowel movement the now seemingly regular, firm at first followed by loose - quite a lot of loose.

Glass of water

Small piece of ginger


Raw carrot

Rice pudding - white rice, sugar, butter, milk, Double cream, 1 scoop whey powder.

Some bloating in lower guts i think - then folllowed by farting - i prob had too much rice pudding - was seriously hungry and just couldn't stop.

Allergy shit worse today in morning - stuffiness back, with mucus production. Was worst for the early hours of the day with almost an itchiness of the throat with almost a need to cough.

Improved throught out day though

Few pieces of cellery.

Greens, broccoli, sweetcorn, butter, salt, pepper.

No indegestion - maybe some gas production in lower right guts but only noticable when pressing abdomen.

Tiny piece of ginger

Pinch [larger than usual] Vit C

65%Beef, 35%pork mince, red onion, carrot, beef dripping, herbs, salt, pepper.

Very little indegestion - WTF - 0 hearbturn !? - I did wait ~1.5 hrs before having meat after veg this time - maybe this was the significant factor for no hearbturn - maybe it was the ginger, maybe the increased Vit C? - maybe none of these.

Very small amoutn of rice pudding, milk, cottage cheese, some sugar, 1 scoop whey.

Weird feeling in lower intestines again - like there alive - didn't last very long - prob spoke too soon. No heartburn at least.

Erythromelalgia good - feet didn't really burn tonight.

Didn't sleep very well though - restless again - went to bed far too late again.


Spots still active in scalp/head.

Pre spot pain on left cheek still there.


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