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Quick update!!




So yesterday I had my final appointment (I think) from my Derm in Harley street and had my fourth laser treatment.

I feel my skin has improved but not to the extent that I would of have wanted it to considering the treatments are so expensive but even better news is I've just got back from my hospital appointment and I've been put on accutane which is a major relief to me but I can't start taking them until I get my results back from the blood test (fingers crossed) the women in the hospital knew exactly how I felt she was wonderful and told me everything I needed to know etc

She even agreed that Gp's are absolutely ridiculous and they should just refer patients to the hospital straight away to save money other than keeping on giving them anti-biotic s that don't work!

I think it's ridiculous I had to go through a private derm to tell my GP and the NHS to refer me

She talked me through all the risks and side effects Etc and told me i will start off with a low dose (10mg) then after a week i'll move up onto 20mg for a few weeks then go back!!

Anyway sorry for the rambling and spelling mistakes but I hope Everyone who's reading this is also moving forward in there journey (lol) for Normal, clear skin.


nuff love!

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Wait, so I just read this... what did you have? why did you go to the hospital?

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