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Ooops. Run Out of medication for a month. Day 243



Run out of medication because my Dermatology Clinic rescheduled my appointment because they were very busy. So, been without any medication since beginning of the month. Fortunately my acne was already cleared up, except for a couple spots now and then on my back. Acne hasn't got worse and my skin isn't dry any more so feeling good.

Had an appointment with dermatologist yesterday and expressed my anxiety for the acne coming back. He was attentive and helpful, though I didn't get what I wanted which was to stay on the medication for a couple of months at 60mg a day was given some medication; as I had already been off the medication for a while he didn't think it was a good idea to go back on it again having had a long interruption in my course. So, instead he prescribed me 6 weeks worth of medication at 60mg a day to be taken over 6 months, intermittently 1 week on then 3 weeks off. He thought that this was the best course of action. I haven't heard any cases of people using this intermittent method of medicating but God willing it's effective (and I'm an Atheist).

I Finished my exams which went well (I hope)! So on holidays now for 3 months.! At a point now where think I'm supposed to say, WOW! (WOW!) WOW! The last 7 months of my life went by so fast. Well, it didn't, thinking about it can go by in a blink of an eye, but if I recall correctly it was a slow self-loathing, self-handicapping, self-deprecating, circus of hysteria, desperation, and turmoil. But it's all part of growing up I guess. I'm confident now anyway.

A couple tips for anyone starting to combat their acne. Don't expect anything to make you beautiful over night, as like the old tip not to trust anyone who tells you they can make you rich overnight, do not trust anyone who say's they can give you clear skin over night, it's not going to happen, don't expect your acne to be gone in days, weeks, months. Another tip is to try and be contented with yourself early on because the sooner you accept that you don't look hideous life will be a whole lot easier, not everyone has perfect skin, after you've finished your course your skin may be like mine, still not perfect; light red marks around my cheeks and neck from where my acne was really aggressive, uneven skin tone, ghost pale because you have to avoid the Sun on the medication. But, I'm confident honestly, for a long time I felt like my acne would hold me back from relationships but don't any more, and know it really has little impact. So, just get out.

As Woody Allen put it,

80 percent of success is just showing up


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