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Finally healing after dry socket! but I skipped using the Regimen for half a week :O



Well its true. I, the ever so loyal user of the Regimen for about a year and a half, anti-dutifully skipped using the regimen after I got my wisdom teeth out. Good news is I probably saved some product because my face was so ridiculously swollen the first few days I would have had to use more of it than usual. MY TIP to any of you pre-teens or teens who haven't gotten their wisdom teeth out! Get them out EARLY. BEFORE they're an issue. During a long vacation so its not a stressor preferably. Also, follow all the directions as if God himself gave them to you. Overdramatic? Yes, but dry socket HUUUUURTS. Its a good opportunity though if any of you out there would like to practice meditation to reduce pain, however. I was reading about hypnosis and its actually good for pain, as in your body senses it, but it never reaches your conscious awareness so you don't actually "feel" it. ANYWAYS. I haven't had any serious breakouts now, after 2 weeks of the skipping process, but I did have a couple zits and some whiteheads. Nothing NEAR what I had before. Its kind of funny, I'm much less insecure about acne than I ever was. I'm just like "whatever" if I get a pimple or two. Why? Because its NOT an epidemic and I'm 16 still so its bound to happen!

Well anyways, theres my spheel on skin for the day. Now here's something else. I suddenly got a new ambition. To not let my friendships die! I went through a quite a long period of time where I sheltered myself from social contact. I don't know why. Its just like the thought of talking to someone immediately had this response in me emotionally...just a really uncomfortable one. I'd want to! For sure! I'd just shrink away from it. This is because a couple close friends of mine sort of withdrew from me...or I withdrew from them. Either or, it was like a "you did it first! no you did!" type mental battle. I felt like they caused me to react, and they felt like I caused them to react. Well anyways, I'm pretty good friends with one of them now, who I actually had the larger issue with, but the other girl is still being withdrawn. We met up coincidentally today and she didn't even look me in the eye, which I know she usually did to people she was mad at. I don't know why :\ I haven't done anything recently. I just keep screwing up. Gosh DANG IT. Its annoying because I love my friends and I'm really shy but really dependent on my other relationships with people. When I withdrew I totally caved in inside. Like my whole sense of being just shut down and I got really depressed. So I'm trying to recover some lost bonds by just being nice and pretending like everythings fine because I truly think it is, or at least should be. And if they don't respond the same way or ignore me, then so be it! Hopefully a nice gesture now will result in a nice response later. I've had ONE friend completely stop talking to me for good out of anger. I don't want that to happen again. Its so dumb. If people are really mad at each other or don't like each other, they should at least try to be on good terms. Small talk or saying hi in the hallways or even SMILING won't kill anybody! I know sometimes the offense is too great, like murdering a relative or stealing a boyfriend or whatever, btu if the offense was small and unintentional and they were just going through a bad few months or even a bad few days, they should be forgiven to the extent grudges are dropped. Funny thing is I've only noticed GIRLS talk crap and ignore each other. Why do we do this? I'm just going to stop now, and if anything hits me in the face, if I feel like my insides are going to melt with awkward sorrow, then so be it! I'm TIRED of feeling scared of people who I should be able to trust! We should all be able to trust each other! Even if we aren't best friends, we should be able to trust each other enough to be on good terms! And thats my rant for the day. The old me is making a come back. Yes, people were mad at me. If their reason was good or not, I'm not going to take the anger personally like I did. People get mad. They're human. If I don't respond badly, anger will fade. Its just an emotion after all.


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