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Report - [29, 6, 11]



Bowel movement large and sloppy again. [Maybe onions? peas? or sweetcorn?]

Glass of water

Small piece of ginger


Raw carrot


Pinch of Vit C

Rice pudding - white rice, sugar, butter, milk, Double cream.

WEIGHTS - Back and arms

2 scoops whey, spoon glucose, small glass of milk.

Some burbing - gas - 30 mins later.


Greens, sweetcorn, broccoli, carrots, butter, salt, pepper.

Beef mince, 1/2 egg, salt, pepper.

Slight indigestion - burbing after meat, acid reflux while beching - not bad but still annoying - not so much actual acid coming up rather burbs/gas with an acidic tang to them.

Rice pudding - white rice, sugar, butter, milk, Double cream, 1 scopp whey powder.

Very weird sensation in guts about 20 mins after rice pudding - unlikely to be rice pudding as wouldn't have moved that far down yet - very weird feeling - like guts were alive - rumbling, almost heat feeling.

Some bad, nasty, smelly farts.

Does seem like some of the veg isn't agreeing with me.

Erythromelalgia - feet burned in late evening again - so took socks off.

Werid throught out night - had fan on - prob didn't need it really.

Didn't sleep well - very restless.

Alllergy symptoms better today after being worse yesterday, still some slight stufiness though - nose isnt compeltley clear.


No new spots on back, chest or face - no noticeable ones anyway.

Some pre-spot pain in left cheek - haven't had a significant spot on cheeks for ages - better not turn into one ffs.

Some new spots in scalp though - one bad one on either side of head.


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