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Day 21 (Week 3)-Morning



Sitll the same pretty much. The little pimples seem to be getting maybe a little better on my upper lip, between my eyes, and chin. The ones on my cheeks are still there.

I did something incredibly stupid about 10 minutes ago. I was drinking my water and tipped it a little too far back and got water ALL OVER MY FACE, mostly aorund my mouth (where I have been breaking out) So, CRAP. I just dabbed it, didn't wipe or anything--so I hope the BP stayed. UGH, I'm paranoid about it now. Wish I would have brought some BP with me to work...hopefully it's okay? It still feels semi-tight...

I have also been reading about taking Aleve during PMS and your period to reduce pre-menstrual flare ups, which is what I think I am having right now (I start in 2-3 days). Hopefully this will help. I took 2 yesterday and I will take 2 today, and so on until my period ends. I will let you guys know how this goes.

So mad about the water thing...lol.

Have a good day everyone :wacko:


My breakouts definitely flame up during my period.. like before it, during it.. etc. That's what JUST happened to me, and my skin was also incredibly itchy and sooo very annoying and discouraging. BUT! Since my cycle is pretty much at an end, it's cleared up and I feel better about it now.. I hope the same happens for you.It's so weird though because I spilled water on my face too, and I also freaked out that I washed it off but then again.. when I just wet my face in the sink before I cleanse it... I can still FEEL the BP on my face.. like once you wet it, it doesn't come off your face it just is caked on there.. so weird..I hope you start feeling better about your face soon! It will get better, and maybe it is your birth control.. but for now hang in there. :clap:

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girlll i know exactly where you're coming from with all this! it's such a relief to know i'm not in this alone haha i started the regimen about a week and a half before you and i wanted to give you some advice.-the random little pimples around your mouth and such are probably from your skin purging. i am going through that right now and it absolutely sucks.-ibuprofin helps incredibly with inflammation but be careful with it. i feel like i'm almost dependent on it now.-I added in dan's AHA before it was recommended (about 2-3 weeks in) and have had amazing results with it reducing flakiness.i'm here for you! if you have any more questions feel free to ask! i'm trying to figure this out too x)

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