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First day



Hey for the amount of time I have spent on here I think I would have created a blog by now.

I started getting Acne when I was around 13 and I am now 19. There have been times when my skins has looked clear or decent but never to the point where I didn't have to worry about it. I have been on Accutane three times including a double dose of it just last year. Currently I am on minocycline and have been for three weeks without seeing any real results (My skin has almost gotten worse in this time). My backne has also increased.

I just switched dermatologists who recommended weekly face peels and lasering. I just finished the first portion of these procedures yesterday. I have yet to see any results and these procedures are extremely painful. This new dermatologist has also given my a special topical cream that includes Benzoyl Peroxide, Clindamycin, Niacinamide, Zinc, and Spironolactone. It seems really intesne.

It seems as in the last couple weeks I have been more moody, depressed, and angry, mostly because of my acne but I wonder if there is another reason that has to do with the Minocycline or anything else. I also have wondered if this is a chemical imbalance that causes emotional distress as well as acne.

Anyways I just wanted a place to share my result and give daily reports on how I am doing.

Jun 28

Right side of face- couple of white heads, some near cheek and once her corner of lip

Left side- line of zits running down from corner of lip down the jaw line, big cyst just to the over side of this line, other cystic zit about that just above mouth line

Forehead- redness in zits have decreased recently but still scaring and some white heads

Back- Gotten worse in last couple of weeks, with more cystic ance forming on shoulders

Emotionally- Really pissed off, crying about acne and how I look


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