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My first week of the regimen and regimen products



I think I received Dan's cleanser, BP, and moisturizer in the mail about a week ago, maybe a little less. I was SO excited! After reading sooooo many positive reviews, I thought to myself that surely this was my acne cure!! Also, I thoroughly read through Dan's advice on the regimen process, how to wash your face, how to be gentle, etc. It was interesting to me to read through this because it had not been anything I heard before, or tried before. My whole life, when I would wash my face, I felt like I had to wash it for minutes at a time to really get all the dirt a makeup off, etc. It NEVER crossed my mind to spend a mere 10 seconds or less washing my face- and to do it so gently. In addition, I never RUBBED my towel all over my face, but I also never realized that the more gentle you are, and the more you let the air dry your face, the better for your acne. I also never moisturized twice a day, and sometimes I only really moisturized in the winter/colder months when my skin would get really dry. Bottom line, Dan's regimen was pretty much completely different from anything I've ever done with my skin.

I love Dan's cleanser. It lathers up so nicely and I believe he says to use 2-3 pumps of it, but I keep it to 1.5/2. I don't feel like my face needs 3 pumps of it for sure. I wash gently for the recommended 10 seconds or less and even with a full face of makeup on, my skin feels totally clean after I rinse. The cleanser just feels gentle, and I love it. I've always struggled with trying to figure out if my skin requires a cleanser with sacylic acid/BP in it such as some neutrogena and clean and clear products, or if it requires just a gentle, regular cleanser such as cetaphil. It seems, so far, that gentle is the way to go.

For the BP, I admit that I did not follow Dan's directions and began with far too much, I think. I began with about 2.5-3 pumps of it. I figured that since I've always put numerous products on my skin, that my skin would handle it just fine. I applied it both morning and night, and found that the first couple of days my skin was fine. I would put a generous amount of the moisturizer on once the BP dried, and again, the first few days were okay. A couple of days into the Regimen my face started to burn just slightly when I put the moisturizer on, which I read on various posts/Dan's advice that this could be just from my skin getting used to the BP. Each day I felt my skin get tighter and tighter, dryer and dryer, which made me frustrated, but I knew it was just from my skin adjusting to a complete change in my routine/products. I have to admit, I don't have the highest amount of patience and I like to see improvement immediately. I don't like the setbacks that can come about due to changing products, etc. But, I knew I had to just keep pushing on.

So, yesterday I spent most of my day poking through acne.org, reading about Dan's moisturizer, and hearing from other people experiencing the extreme dryness/flaking that I was. Through this, I discovered that MANY people are unhappy with Dan's new moisturizer and generally preferred the old one. Since I am new to the regimen and regimen products, I don't have any previous moisturizer to compare the new one too, but I knew that no matter how much of it I put on my face, it hardly made a dent in the flaking that I was experiencing! Again, I knew that this was only my 4th day or so, but again, I'm inpatient! After looking around, I noticed that many people suggested not using Dan's moisturizer, but using Olay Complete Sensitive Skin moisturizer with SPF 15. I also read that Olay had changed this product a little while back, but recently switched back to the original formula that Dan suggested to use when you're in the sun. I read from numerous people that this moisturizer seemed to really help with the flaking they were experiencing, and since I really didn't feel like having my face peel off every day, decided to go out and pick some up at Walmart last night (it was about 6$ for a 4oz bottle).

I used the moisturizer last night as well as this morning and my face feels SO SO SO SO SOOOOO much better!!! I can actually move my face without it cracking which is one huge improvement, and although it's still a little dry/flakey in some spots, it is DRAMATICALLY better than the state my skin was in yesterday! So far, so good! This product isn't supposed to make you break out, so we will see how that goes. But again, so far, so good.

When you put the moisturizer on, (I put about 2-3 drops/squeezes of it on my face, so it's quite a lot due to how dry my skin was even just yesterday) it's very WHITE. It looked like I had just dumped sunscreen on my face and I was thinking to myself okay, how is this all ever going to rub in?! It takes longer than Dan's moisturizer to rub in, but well worth it the extra couple of minutes. It smells a bit like sunscreen due to the SPF, but I love the smell of sunscreen so that's almost an added plus for me! It just feels so nice and I'm so happy that I decided to try it as of now, because my skin has made a complete turn around from the state it was in yesterday! I have a bottle of organic Jojoba oil on the way too, which I have also read makes your moisturizer a super moisturizer with just adding a few drops, so I'm sure that's going to help even more.

I'm sure that my skin will not always be this dry, but for now I am going to keep using the Olay moisturizer, add some jojoba oil to it when it arrives, and go from there. I have to mention I also decreased the amount of BP I was applying. I went from 2.5-3 pumps to 1-1.5 pumps, because I realized that I really don't even need it on my forehead because I never break out there.

So far, I am happy with Dan's regimen. Granted at the time I began it, my period (sorry guys) was due in a few days, which ALWAYS makes me break out in the worst way, but I have noticed that any new breakouts I had or got within the first few days have disappeared within two days. My face is feeling good right now, and I don't want to jinx it, but I do feel that within a few weeks I may see even more improvement than I've already seen. I hope it continues!!


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