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A little about myself/beginning of the Regimen & Products



Hi everybody! My name is Alyssa and I am a 22 year old female. I've struggled with acne since I was in FOURTH grade..unbelievable right?! My skin has only been COMPLETELY clear on ONE occasion, back when I was a Junior in high school. I visited the dermatologist for the first time and he prescribed me an antibiotic- I can't remember which one it was but I believe it was minocycline. My prom was coming up and I was nothing short of desperate to have clear skin for once in my life. Luckily, it worked! I stayed clear for probably about 6 months, but then began developing some suspicious bruising. My mom being a nurse became a little concerned given that antibiotics can affect your liver, and a sign of that can be bruising. So, I went off of the antibiotics and the acne returned.

My acne goes through stages I've noticed- sometimes it's mild, sometimes it's moderate, and it has been, at times, pretty severe. But regardless of the stage, I've noticed that 99% of the time I break out around my mouth, jawline, and chin. I've heard from people (even the girl who gave me a facial a few months back) that that is a sign that my acne is purely hormonal. But, whatever the reason, my acne has been a huge source of shame and has made my self esteem very, very low. I consider myself to be a girly girl, love to get dressed up, put makeup on, and feel pretty. But regardless of the amount of makeup I put on, if I have acne, I do not feel pretty. I feel people staring at it and at me, and as I'm sure ALL of you know, it just really can KILL your self esteem, regardless of if it's one zit or 50.

I've tried numerous products/regimens from proactiv, antibiotics, home-made regimens such as lemon juice & egg white masks, cetaphil, clean and clear, nutrogena, philosophy on a clear day products, scrubs, facials, and various other topical acne products. And, since I'm a lover of makeup, I've tried MULTIPLE brands and types of that as well. I wouldn't say I've tried every single product/regimen out there, but I've DEFINITELY tried many, many handfuls of them. I found some to work better than others, honestly one of my favorites was putting lemon juice on my face every night! But, nothing ever kept me totally clear or had enough of a significant effect on my acne to continue.

Like many of you, I've spent much of my life feeling low and frustrated. I often stare at my friends' skin and think, why do you have beautiful skin and I have awful skin? Why is it that they can go outside without makeup on and look beautiful, and I look like I've been struck with an unknown disease? At sleepovers when I was younger, I would feel so scared to take my makeup off at night because the bottom line is makeup does help quite a bit with coverage! Most people probably don't know how bad my skin really is until they see me sans makeup. I have a lot of scarring (red marks) that look like acne, but really aren't....but it just makes my whole face look way worse.

Any time I've googled a new product or regimen, acne.org is the first site to pop up. So, for a year or two I've been poking around this site quite a bit, reading reviews on products, etc. I don't know how this is possible, but only two weeks ago did I realize that acne.org had a line of products!! Naturally, I was intrigued and deciding to take a closer look. After reading many many reviews, the majority of them being totally positive, I decided I had nothing to lose and decided to order Dan's cleanser, BP, and moisturizer. This was about a week ago. My next post will give you my current update! : )


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