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Day 32



Well I was right... I picked at the weekend :D I had a couple of white heads come up which I picked and then I carried on and ended up picking out some of the clogged pores... On a positive note though, I now know I CAN leave whiteheads to run their course, I lasted about a week without picking, so that means I can do it again :(

This morning I've had four little whiteheads appear, on the right side of my face which is where I went on a picking spree. Again, I dunno if these were clogged pores that were heading up anyway or whether I brought them along by picking, but I WILL leave them alone :wacko:

I really want to put pics on here but 1) I'm scared in case anyone recognises me (very unlikely I know) and 2) I really don't think I've had a noticeable difference yet :naughty: I think it looks like I have worse spots than I do because of all these red marks. They're the worst :(

If anyone reading this has managed to overcome their red marks how long did they generally take to go away?? It feels like mine have been there forever already and I am sooo fed up of having to make sure I cover them up every day *sigh*

The right side of my face is all bumpy still as well. I wouldn't even mind having the red marks so much if my face was smooth! It does feel quite smooth when I wash it/put BP on but I can definitely still feel some of the bumps.

One good thing is that the spots I've been getting lately haven't been the painful ones so hopefully this is the dregs of the crap coming up!

The scab on my forehead came off this morning when I was moisturising so now all I have is a slight pinkish mark which will hopefully go soon leaving my forehead clear at least.

I was moaning about my face to my mum the other day and she basically tried to talk me out of carrying on using Dan's stuff because it doesn't seem to be working and it makes my face darker etc. But I'm gonna carry on, she doesn't understand how much it HAS to work. Ok, so it might take a while but surely every week I'm on DKR is a week closer to having my nice skin back right?

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I have tons of red marks too. Without my makeup, I look like I have typical 'acne face'. It looks as though the number of spots have been tripled because of the redness. I've tried lemon juice and mandelic acid for red marks and neither really worked because I kept getting active acne, so new red marks always kept arising. I don't think we can DO much about the marks until our acne is gone.I have noticed my tea tree and witch hazel stuff has made my skin look so much less red as a whole though. The mandelic acid also made me peel and flake horrendously which made some areas look more angry. After being off it for a few weeks, my skin is now soft again (minus the pimples) and overall skin texture is sooo much better.

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