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Switching the differin for retin A and using tea tree oil instead of duac!!



Hey Guys

So i started using the retin A cream about a week ago, alternating every night between retin A and differin and i have broken out even worse!! The Duac is still really irritating my skin so i have switched to tea tree oil which so far hasn't done much!! it does smell nice and my skin feels normal after it. From tonight im going to start using just retin A and trial it for 3 months and see how it goes!! Hopefully the breakout will die down!! I have noticed that the small areas with no breakouts are a lot more smoother and glowing!! hopefully there will be more non-acne areas on my face!! im going to stick it out since i have already started!! i really want isotretinin however im getting laser hair removal done on my face so i have to wait 6-7 months before i can take it :wacko: