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Report - [27, 6, 11]



Bowel movement on morning of the 27th as firm has been for weeks - zero sloppyness almost the perfect shit.

2nd bowel movement in evening which was a typical sloppy joe although with some firmness.

Glass of water

Small piece of ginger


Raw carrot

2 Pieces of celery

Pinch Vit C

5 scrambled eggs, salt, pepper, butter.

After eggs was a very short and mild period of slight itchiness in nose although may have nothing to do with eggs.

Feet burned baddly when out walking - was between 20-30 C though - still removing histamine items from diet has had little affect on erythromelalgia so far it seems,

150 grams cottage cheese.

Pinch Vit C

White Rice, 100 grams 65%beef 35 %pork mince, 1.5 eggs, onion, carrot, celery, peas, sweetcorn, salt, herbs, pepper.

Some belching and maybe some lower bloating - diificult to know if pain in abdomen was stomach muscle doms or pain in lower intestines.

Some mild heartburn while burbing/belching.

Later turned into farting.

Seemed to be relieved when having second bowel movement of the day later in evening - which was a sloppy joe with some minimal firmness.

Rice pudding - white rice, sugar, butter, milk, Double cream.

Indegestion worse after rice pudding - prob too much rice/starch - heartburn got worse.

Very hot day - erythromelalgia was bad whilst out and walking although this is the norm with this weather. Also sweated bucket loads as usual. So reducing histamine in diet isn't showing itself yet.

Alergic sympton still much better - still some mucus porduction but very minor with small periods of runny nose. No real itchyness of mouth though.


Still not great. Good but not clear.

One on chest still.

Large spot on shoulder fading with no active spots.

Face still not very good.

Some small spots not noticable but keep getting pre spot pain that isnt forming into spots.

Lots of pre spot pain on upper lip at the moment.


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