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Day 38-44-- SORRY



I was bad this week! I did not blog at ALL! not cool !

Anyway, I'm home in LA so that's why I didn't blog I had many things to do...

So here it goes:

* acne... same less zits but still getting some, yesterday a big one ont he site of my forehead, anotherone on my cheek and one by my neck. 2 of them are huge the other not so big.... not bad compared to BEFORE when they were EVERYWHERE and were HUGE. HOpefully they will disappear soon.

* Lips seem to be getting worse.... I lost my aquafor for 2 hours and I was miserable. they are pretty bad... but if I reapplied every hour I think I'll be fine.. I learned that I need to carry two with me to every city I go LOL.

* NO other side effects.

* Drinking, I feel the alcohol on my first drink! I can have up to two but most of the time I rather not. I used to be able to drink way more than that.... oh well... is for my own good LOL... I'm trying not to drink often anymore...

* HIKING--- next week! next week! I'm anxious and a little scare. we are hiking the Havasupai reservation to the falls. is an 8 mile hike and we have to carry all our camping gear! in a very very hot weather.... I hope I live! We are leaving on June 30th and coming back July 4. I have almost everything.... I hope I get to be in the sun for a bit and swim! it looks so beautiful up there... and I hope I dont; die of dehydration or heat exhaustion LOL.... seriously! is too hot!

Anyway, I'll write tonight.