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Day 19 (Morning)-Week 3



Really, really discouraged today. It's awful. The ones above my lip literally look like a rash or something, my chin just keeps getting more, the ones between my eyes have become huge, oh and I have a new friend on my forehead. I don't get it. My face just can't be clear. I have done two rounds of accutane and it STILL breaks out. I eat good, I only drink water, I avoid all dairy and sweets, I don't wear make up, I keep care of it topically and still my skin is not happy! Why?! It is so frustrating. I know I can't expect miracle results so soon, but today is just a bad day. I literally feel hideous all the time. I have my ups and downs I suppose.

Sad that my skin is off colored due to peeling as well.

Well, I took zinc today to see what that will do. I have taken it in the past, and I took it with fish oil and I think one of those two made me break out. Hey, gotta try though I suppose. Maybe that is what is missing from my regimen: supplements. I'm thinking about taking vitamin C or A as well, I'm not sure. Any of you guys try supplements that you like?

The ones above my lip could be from my chapstick I suppose, so I will avoid that for a few days and see what happens.

As you all know, acne is just so awful. It literally occupies my mind too much to the point where it makes me sick, and that is so terrible. I really need to de-stress. We will see what this zinc will do and I will keep ya'll updated. I NEED TO KEEP MY MIND OFF OF IT before I go crazy, haha.

TTY everyone later.


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