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Jun 27



I have not written in a while. Just making note that I got my period today. I'm spotting. Gotta wait and see if it's a "normal" period. My emotions yesterday were off the wall. I went from happy to totally angry witin 5 seconds. I hate myself after I "blow up"- and it's over the stupidest things. I guess i't partly because of my PMS. But still I should have no excuse. My acne is a lot better. I did break out a little these past 3 days, again because of my period. My face continues to be oily. I'm also really happy with the atrailn gel. My face has gotten used to it and it's not bothersome. Although I do notice it's get's red easily. The only wish I have is sor my scars to fad away. Hopefully with the continuted us of the retin this will come in time. My hubby says he doesn't notice any scars!....but he's wrong I do have them, he just doesn't notice them cause he loves me the way I am. I guess I'm more hard on myself and need to let things go.

My hubby and I made love 2x this weekend. Ever since he works night (we only sleep together on weekends), being intimate w/ each other has become more passionate. I really enjoy this alot. I desire him as much as he desire's me....it's all good.

I want to keep track so I know, in case I become pregnant. We don't use contraceptives at all so there's always that high chance. I'm actually afraid of getting pregnant...i guess I'm tramatized from my 1st. If I do get pregnant I prefer to have a boy.,,,...i know I'm being selfish.


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