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4ish months after accutane - sugar addict




so ive been off accutane for a long time (4 months-ish) now, and my skin is oily again but not as bad, no breakouts (only the odd tiny tinyy whitehead now and then). anyways, i have realized there is a downside to not having acne!!! when i had acne, sugar/junk food was the devil, and even looking at choc/cake/anything with sugar in it made me break out, but now that ive taken accutane, i can eat 10 choc bars and 2 cakes and probably not get a single pimple. after years of avoiding sugar at all costs, i am now going WILD eating anything and everything i want, mostly chocolate, and i think im getting fat! now that there is no skin consequences to eating sugar, i cant stop mself!!im ruining my usually very healthy and strict diet. it sucks, i have never had food issues before but i swear im becoming addicted to food. im gonna try and eat my old way this week and see if i can do it. anyways also i used to pick a lot,and now that theres nothing to pick at on my face, i think ive shifted my ocd to my scalp..i cant stop running my fingers across my scalp, feeling for any little speck of dandruff/whatever, its really weird. anyways i just wanted to post something :wacko:


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