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so I know starting new regimes isn't a good idea, but I seem to have done this now..

(and apologies for not updating regularly!)

SO. Last week, my best friend said that her mother (who is a doctor) suggested I try going dairy-free to see if that helped my acne, and if that didn't work, to try going gluten free for a while. The idea of going without cakes and bread and most pasta and biscuits scares me, so I'm opting for dairy-free first, and will carry it on for at least two weeks.

Started drinking soy and eliminating all dairy three days ago.

ALSO. My mum and I are planning on baking bread, so went into our local organic shop to get barley and rye flours. I spotted some interesting looking soap and the name seemed to spark some sort of memory. so I bought a bottle of Dr Bronner's Peppermint Castile soap. Came back on here as soon as I got home and found out that it's been the holy grail for some people. WELL. So now I'm washing twice a day with diluted Dr Bronner soap.

This all + BP, after washing with Dr Bronner and then toning with Lancome toner (which seems to be very calming) and then following all this with a Lancome moisturiser.

And also keeping up the intake of water and green tea. And to be honest, my skin seems to be loving this. I haven't seen anymore big cysts pop up, and my skin really does feel clean. EEeeeeeeee!


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