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Day 18 (Week 3)-Morning



Same 'ol, same 'ol. Less red. Still flakey. Still clogged pores in between my eyes, on my upper lip, chin and cheeks. GRRR. They're so hard to get rid of too. I'm trying not to touch them because they do eventually go away, but if I pop them they just come right back. So weird.

Also, does anyone notice increased redness when they exercise? And by exercise I mean just simply walking a lot? I notice every time I walk quite a bit, I'm not red before or during, but I am super red right after for about 30 min-hour. It's so weird. I walk everyday at my job and I went to the zoo yesterday with my dad and was fine the whole day until I got in the car and was BEAT red. Must just be the exercise...

On a lighter note, as I said I went to the zoo with my Dad and it was super sunny. I wore a floppy hat most of the time, but for about 10-15 min I let my face get some sun. It went well! Which is super encouraging. I don't mind wearing a hat either, so that is very good. I wore a tiny bit of cetaphil sunscreen around my eyes as well. Now I just have to figure out swimming...

Will update later tonight!!! :wacko: