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Day 56 - Dry nose




There really isn't nothing new to report. The big breakouts from the sunscreen/olive oil saga are subsiding. They were never really breakouts, just big mounds that rose out of my skin. The one on my cheek is going away the fastest along with the one on my forehead, but the 2 on my chin are still quite visible, and I think another breakout is forming on the other side of my chin. I'm not really sure what's going on but there isn't much for me to do other than to wait it out. There was such a difference in the first month I was on Accutane, that now I won't be surprised if I see more of an improvement in the next coming weeks despite this setback.

There is nothing else to say. I don't know whether I mentioned that the back of my hands are extremely dry...to the point that they feel like scales. When I hold them up to the light I see a ton of cracks, so I'm moisturizing and drinking water as much as possible.

I dealt with a very troubling dry nose earlier this week. My nostrils felt like hot sand everytime I breathed through them. I was spraying saline spray, which only worked temporarily until my nose came back (what felt like) even more dry. My nose was very bloody, not a nosebleed, but anytime a kleenex or q-tip went up my nose it was very bloody. I looked up some stuff and came across 'the neti pot'. It's basically this small pout with a very long snout and you put water/saline solution, tilt your head to the side, insert the snout in one nostril and the water comes out of the other nostril. (Youtube it!) I tried this with a watering can I happened to have, don't really know what the difference is since it also has a long snout. I put an 90-10 solution of water and saline spray just to try it out and WOW! I recommend everyone try this at least once. My dry nose went away and it felt like I rinsed my brain. It felt like my sinus was clear. Right before trying it I was in the mood to nap, and then right after I felt like I had so much clarity and that fogginess I was feeling was gone. I should have done this earlier today instead of napping so I could have gotten some work done.

I believe I have a blood test to do within 2 weeks from now or so.. it's all on my calendar. I'm still taking b12 vitamins as well as vitamin d now because I'm getting less sun due to Accutane. I also cover up more than the average person during summer (actually all year long) so I never really let myself get that much sun. This is partly due to the fact that a sunburn last year equated to a second degree burn, so I'm never taking my chances again. There were a lot of good home remedies for sunburns, but the one I accidentally came across and worked best for me was putting vitamin e oil all on my body. Not lotion, the original oil. It is extremely thick and doesn't come in generous sizes, but I painted my face and shoulders and chest with it and the redness and burn was gone in a few days. Makes sense since it is a very good moisturizer as it is, but make sure it's the oil because the lotion won't do.

Anyway, I think that's it for me, I have a little over a month left, very exciting to see where the end of my treatment will bring me and I can't wait to upload more pictures of the improvements.



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