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I've been reading through other people's blogs, and I can see a few people have browsed through mine, and I've noticed 2 things:

1. No one ever seems to comment on any blog, and I feel like if I start people won't know how to react to that. Imagine a surprised badger. Yeah.

2. All the blogs tend to talk about journeys. And that's something acne really does produce a sense of: a journey. Yes, you have sidequests where you focus on other parts of your body, like hair, and makeup, and nails, and stretch marks, and tanning, and weight. But you always come back to your acne. Always wanting to solve it. It starts when you hit puberty and your face blows up with acne, and continues onward, onward, until you finally get fed up with feeling extreme loathing at your face/body because of all those marring dots.

Then you join the forum, and write blogs and post queries and answer questions to the best of your ability. There's a community of a ton of people who feel the same. That's pretty cool.

(not saying there aren't people who don't feel as strongly as we do. I'm sure there are plenty of people on acne.org who are kind of wimpy and not truly determined. not insulting anyone in particular)


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