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29 Days - 4 weeks and 1 day



So, I've been breaking out very badly and I remember hearing something about how it can take up to two weeks for acne to surface (due to irritation, etc.). So I thought about what I've done in the past two weeks to irritate my face, and truth is I've done everything to. I've rubbed it a lot when it got dry (before I realized using a little jojoba oil in the moisturizer then reapplying plain jojoba oil on my skin very lightly when dry is extremely effective), and I've picked (yes I've failed in my 30-day no picking challenge. Sad day). And I haven't been very gentle on my Regimen - I've been more concerned about getting it done quickly rather than getting it done right.

So I've been keeping this in mind. I think a key is actually acting very loving to your skin. Being very gentle and soft and thorough with where you apply BP and moisturizer is very very important. Otherwise you won't be getting any better... And that's no fun. That's why you started the Regimen in the first place, huh?

Peace out.


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