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My skin is freaking fantastic!



Foundation routine that has my skin absolutely glowing:

CeraVe Moisturizer

Boots primer

Revlon ColorStay (in Sand Beige for summer!), applied with a sponge, very lightly.

And that's it!!!

I can swipe it on! Don't have to stipple at all! Because my skin is just THAT FREAKING SMOOTH!

I used to spend ten minutes on just applying foundation. Now it's ten seconds.

Having clear skin is so much different from being a pimply mess... And I realize new perks almost daily.

I'm seeing a new guy now. He's amazing. We went to the beach the other day. I didn't wear foundation. And I wasn't ashamed!

Yeah, I'm definitely not one of the people who gets depressed on Accutane. Quite the opposite actually. :cool:

I have one side effect from the medication: Dry-ish, slow-healing skin. No nosebleeds, joint pain, eye dryness, suicidal thoughts, or anything else.

Best decision of my life, hands down.