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Day 25



My skin seems to go through times when it's really smooth and soft with minimal breakouts to bumpy skin with dried up pimples the next day:( I'm afraid I'll be getting an IB soon. I feel tons of bumps under the skin. I just hope they're not cysts. My forehead is still pretty clear except for a couple pimples and all the bumps underneath the skin. My cheeks are doing pretty well actually. I get less and less pimples every day! However my jaw line continues to be a huge problem. I can feel so many under the skin cysts. I also have tons of pimples there. Sometimes they pop randomly when I don't even touch it. It's gross! Also my chin has a minor breakout. And of course the area around my mouth is covered in white heads. I got a bad sunburn on my nose that has been peeling for a week. I can't tell if it's covered in blackheads still. Overall, my face seems slightly better especially on my smooth days:) it also seems less oily during the day!! Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Lately I've been exfoliating my face a few times a week. Is that okay to do while on accutane? Anyway about the side effects: my skin seems to be less oily but not dry or peely. It itches too. My scalp is drier and kinda flakey. My back continues to be sore after I bend down or lay down but it is totally manageable. I can't believe I'm almost done with my first month! That went by fast. I hope tomorrow is a smooth day!


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