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Day 67



Derm visit today, I was really excited to see if she noticed any difference....

She didn't :cool:

But she DID say that things will start to get good from here on in. Im happy with that!

I feel that the dryness is really starting to settle down and I really only have one or two new pimples per week, compared to two every day. Thats a massive improvement to me. My lips are cracked and sore at the corners but after hearing horror stories about blistering etc, I think I have only experienced mild side effects.

I did make the mistake of sticking my hands in a bucket of napisan soaker and I am absolutely positive I will never make that mistake again :wacko: I honestly looked like I had some bizzare tropical skin affliction and it appeared that the skin on my hands was going to fall off. I have been using zinc cream (the nappy rash variety) and it has settled down a lot.

Sigh, I just want to be finished this course, so bring on month 3!!!!!!!