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Day 48



So this morning my skin if looking and feeling GREAT - strong looking, unclogged, glowing, more even toned - all in all I am a very happy girl! Not sure if it's the addition of the vitamin D, the fish oil or the turmeric masks that I am applying on a daily basis, but to be honest, I think it is a combination of all three - not the most scientific way to go about things, but hey, if it's working, it's working!

It is also the middle of my cycle give or take a few days, and my skin is always better at this time of the month, so that probably has something to do with things as well. Either way I am very glad as I have a presentation to do at Uni tomorrow for a work in progress research conference, and there is nothing worse than standing up in front a room full of people feeling self conscious about your skin.

I think the turmeric masks are doing a really impressive job of fading my melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and I am definately going to keep them up, and also I am going to start adding grapefruit seed extract 3x a day into the mix which I have read is meant to be very helpful with melasma. In addition I am brewing up my kefir grains that have been sat hybernating in the fridge for the last month as I am finding that I am missing my morning kefir so in my mind that is my body telling me I need a probiotic hit again. I tend to go through these cycles with kefir where I take it for a few months, and then I get bored with the faff of it and put it in the fridge for a month or so, then dig it out again to restart the whole process. I have been having a few digestive problems of late in terms of regularity, so I definately think that it is the probiotics I am needing.

Gluten free wise, I am not even noticing not having bread, pasta, biscuits or oats - it has become second nature to avoid them. Health is great - hardly have to use my asthma inhaler at all, generally I am using it only whe I go for a run, and no achey joints for AGES - simply wonderful!


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