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Starting to Understand My PCOS



I haven't updated for awhile because I really wanted to pay attention to my skin and get to the bottom of why my skin was still breaking out. I've been doing alot of research on PCOS and one of it's main symptoms, insulin resistance. What I've learned is that people that have insulin resistance don't process sugar and carbs normally. Consuming sugar and carbs can increase the levels of testosterone in the body and cause breakouts. Thinking about when my skin was at it's best over the years- it's always been when I've followed a low carb/sugar diet (which I've followed on and off for several years to keep a healthy weight). My worst breakouts, including when I started breaking out again a few weeks ago, have been when I've binged on sugar. I'm starting to understand the connection, and the importance of eating right, working out regularly, and trying to stay destressed, taking my zinc every day, and just trying to live a natural, healthy lifestyle. Some people might be able to eat whatever they want and still have great skin, but for me- sugar and carbs are my trigger. I still have alot to learn about PCOS. I'm still taking Yasmin to help regulate my hormones, and still using Proactive daily. I've been doing Lactic acid peels once a week, and they have helped my skin tone alot. All of these things help, but I think for me, diet and lifestyle is going to be the key. This article is really helpful...



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