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Acne free



I have discovered a regimen that works for me. I have tried dan's regimen before with decent results, but I always felt like it was just keeping all of the acne hidden behind a wall, and whenever I ate bad foods or had violent mood swings I felt like the BP could barely keep the zits from bursting through. It seemed my body and mind weren't quite right whenever I got zits, but I couldn't tell why. Well recently I read an interesting article that sparked my interest in vitamin A. Many of you are probably familiar with Accutane and how it is essentially a megadose of a vitamin A derivative, and many topical products contain retinol. So the other day I went out and bought a 10000 iu supp of vitamin A, a vitamin C/E supp, zinc, selenium, and of course the essential 3-6-9 fish oil supps. I take these once per day usually after my last meal before bed. Now I started this regimen of vitamins, but let me also fill you in on my diet. Let me take you back to a younger more immature Mitchell, back before he had grown into his own skin. It was 2009, and I was leaving for Marine Corps bootcamp. I was on a heavy dose of antibiotics after a failed treatment of accutane in which my liver started to show signs of toxicity. I won't even begin to go into just how bad of a diet and lifestyle I was living when I was taking the drug. Now I see its obvious that my liver couldn't handle it with all the other @#$@ I was doing. Anyways, I went with clear skin but horrible stomach problems due to massive doses of antibiotics that were probably just weakening my system anyway. Any time I went off them I was greeted with an epic breakout that lasted months. So I get to bootcamp, my stomach felt like total @#$@ the first week. I was apparently detoxing, and barely ate anything. No appetite, high stress. My face was pretty bad too. Now I picked up with my platoon, and I still remember like it was yesterday, we were doing PT when suddenly I was greated with hunger. I hadn't felt hunger like this since before I started antibiotics and stuffing my face all the time to do bodybuilding. This was the kind of hunger you feel when your little and you played outside in the sun for hours all day. This was "true" hunger per se. From that day on every meal I went in with mouth watering and left not quiet satiated. Our drill instructor once told us before a PFT, "you all stuff your disgusting mouths with chow every day, you don't understand that eating light will help your performance in combat, and life"

And for me bootcamp was eating LIGHT. I was used to big meals with milk and cheeses and different meats and carbs, these meals were just barely enough. What we DID do was drink a ton of water, a whole canteen before an 8 hour night of sleep. This seems to form the perfect recipe for detoxing the body. At first I couldn't believe it. I was seeing my skin clear and you could see in all our faces the true human vitality returning. By graduation no one had bad acne, even the worst cases were pretty clear.

Of course after bootcamp within a couple weeks of eating my face off my acne started creeping its way back into my life, along with bad digestion and brain fog due to eating way too much food.

Now last week I found myself very sick and feverish, and I didn't eat anything for around 48 hours. I noticed my skin seemed to be quiet calm by the time I started feeling better, despite me not eating jack @#$#. So I started eating again, but bootcamp style, and I also eliminated the unhealthy stuff. I limit my sodium intake, which causes water retention, which is the opposite of what you want. Water stored in the skin cells can cause sebum walls to pinch, which leads to acne. The way I eat now is this. I go in. I get my food. I eat my veggies first, then meat (1 type only) then 1 carb (one type only preferably low GI)

Then I chew well. Then, as soon as I feel any sign of fullness, I stop. I leave there knowing that if I got jumped by ninjas at the door, I could fight them off. I wouldn't be held back by a full stomach. Like a true warrior, I am always ready to fight. I actually ran home after dinner one day and didn't even feel that bad. Then before bed I do my vitamins and EFA and also supplement EFA after meals. And I feel great. My thinking is clear, and my skin is too. My skin seems to have a different consistancy now. I think its a lot more hydrated and the vitamin A keeps the sebum in check. This is my regimen. If you have questions let me know. And don't go kill a polar bear and eat its liver. It has enough vitamin A to kill. Watch out for vitamin A overdose. It's fat soluble so don't go taking a @#$@ ton of it.

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Great read! And some really good info too - you are adhereing to pretty much all the priciples advocated by peeps on the nutritional board.Be careful with synthetic Vitamin A supps though - they can be very hard on the liver. You might be better off getting your vitamin A from a more natural source such as cod liver oil.

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