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5 months into the regimen...



So, anyone who has read my previous blogs would know that I was having trouble dealing with pores/blackheads... well I solved that problem!

Here's how:

Every night I'll wash my face gently with a microfibre wash-cloth (using the same cleanser)

This worked really well for me! I think it's also helping deal with the red marks a bit. Anyway, as for my acne, it had really subsided until I caught a cold about two weeks ago and ended up with tonsillitis. My GP made me go on abocillin which caused me to have a lovely cystic break-out just as my skin was free of pimples. Thank you, winter! But now that I'm off the abocillin, my skin has settled down again; however, now I have some lovely fresh red marks. Oh well! No new pimples in sight though, so that's a plus! *knock on wood*

Also, if you've read my last blog, you'd probably get the impression that I was very depressed. I've since adopted a new positive attitude and I feel waaaaay better about myself!

Here's how I did that:

1. Stopped looking in the mirror every 5 minutes and observing each and every flaw,

2. Stopped putting myself down and comparing myself to "perfect" skinned people,

3. Trying to not feel guilty when I have something "bad" to eat,

4. Keeping myself busy with ANYTHING (the dishes, cleaning, reading, writing, walking, being with friends, etc)

5. Thinking with a positive attitude (i.e., you're still beautiful no matter what!)

In my honest opinion, people with acne are much more humble and are generally very nice and accepting. I feel that acne has made me a better person (shock, horror!).

Be happy guys! :cool:


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